AllStars USA creates innovative experiences for his clients, as creative entertainment consultants, celebrity event planners & show producers, theatrical producers, casting consultants, talent buyers in collaboration and representation of all kind of talents from all branches, including A-List music artists, celebrities.

Creative Designs and Productions

AllStars USA designs, creates and produces A class theatrical shows with international top class casts, offers its services as special event designer, creator & producers, even if talents are not booked by AllStars USA.

We accept enquiries for:

  • Live Acts
  • PA Shows (Halfplayback)
  • DJ Shows
  • Musicals and theatrical shows for long term
  • TV Show Formats
  • Radio Show Formats
  • Custom made costumes and Choreographies
Celebrities from all branches :

such as actors, sports personalities, spokesmen, politicians, writers, authors, stand up comedians, plus all kinds of talents to name a few; dance acts, acrobats, painters, mimic acts and more.

Event Designs and Productions

Such services are briefly but not limited to:
  • Preparing a Marketing Plan and Event Marketing Plan
  • Talent / Celebrity / Show Booking
  • Venue Investigation and Selection
  • Artistic Decoration
  • Technical Support and Production
  • Hospitality and Guidance
  • Event Marketing and Ticket Sales Strategies
  • Supplement of all third party service providers; production team, security, host / hostess, first aid, catering

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