Allstars U.S.A is renown for their special event/format conceptualization based on marketing strategies designed for media groups, luxury hotels & venue chains, international F&B conglomaretes, luxury / high end life style brands, global telecommunication firms, luxury product lines of financial constitutions and specialized healthcare companies.

Right on Target

Under Allstars U.S.A's guidance luxury / high end brands are taking a more targeted approach reviewing their list of clients when executing tailored events, now making sure the people who are invited are relevant customers or prospects and that their announced event would appeal them in higher attendance percentages.

Corporate Entertainment

    When L.A agencies opened their own Europe (London based) branches, Allstars U.S.A already took a turn towards a new area of expertise, which is corporate entertainment / creative entertainment for international brands,chains; all fastest growing major accounts.

    New developing competitors assumed this area as a niche market, Yet Allstars U.S.A was already the first comer to this fastest developing market of entertainment.

    Such event concepts, formats & productions may include all kind of celebrities from all branches including but not limited to music celebrities, movie stars, sports personalities or even former Presidents of U.S.A, while there are options like, musicals, family entertainment events, theatrical shows and live arena acts.

    Allstars U.S.A's DM / EDM Department is also representing radio shows of international DJ's and creating / broadcasting other TV/ radio show formats for national or cable TV / radio stations, besides producing events with top DJ / Producers, performers in every scale and type of venue.

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