Allstars U.S.A is a distinguished entertainment consultancy, creative entertainment and talent agency.

Allstars U.S.A.

Is a distinguished entertainment consultancy, creative entertainment and talent agency.

The agencies parent company was first established in 1999 as a simple partnership of reputable agents from Los Angeles.

Following few successful private and public events on behalf of various clients where also A class celebrities were promoted, they found support of the leading talent agencies, managements and celebrities. So agents incorporated and business became well established through decades.

At first main aim and purpose of this network was to sell / book concert tours of megastars to East European and Middle Eastern Promoters.

Support was given subcontracting Allstars U.S.A to act as territorial unofficial yet authorized agents for East Europe, Middle East and Asia territories.

Our firm recently operates in a wider range of business fields inside the entertainment world.

Allstars U.S.A is low profile agency, due to nature of the business.

  • We play the role of ;
    • Distributor of formats, events, tours
    • Entertainment consultants
    • Creative designers of projects and productions
    • Entertainment related travel coordinators
    • Provider and vendor
    • Acting as co-producers, agents and / or subcontracted agents for leading talent agencies / managements, producers, labels of new developed artists / shows
    • Mostly committing to confidentiality agreements, where clients would like to hide Allstars U.S.A's intermediary role or take the credit for their entity with talents to subject, pretending they booked / invited them or they were already friends with them.

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